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Exciting Fall Events in Wildwood, NJ

Friday, October 31, 2014

There are a few great events taking place in our town celebrating the spookiest time of year: Halloween.  But that’s not all.  If you’re staying in Widldwood this fall, there are plenty of events and festivals going on about town.  Check out our town’s full event calendar here and don’t miss a few of these upcoming highlights listed below!

Greater Wildwood Elks Halloween Haunted House: Oct. 31

Okay Trick-or-treaters, get ready to meet your match at the Wildwood Elks Halloween Haunted House!  Located at 109 W. 1 Ave in North Wildwood, from 5-8pm enter this spooky house if you dare!  For more information, contact 609.729.2170.

North Wildwood Halloween Trunk or Treat and Block Party : Oct. 31

Decorate the car and bring the entire family to this brand new event for 2014!  The idea of this event is to get into costume, drive the family out to Olde New Jersey Avenue between 2nd and Chestnut Avenue, and trick-or-treat out of the trunks of cars.  Both car decorations and the kids costumes will be judged and awarded prizes at the end of the night.  For more information and registration, call 609-522-2955.

Jersey Shore Beach 'n Boat Fishing Tournament: Nov 1

Reel in the big one this year at the Jersey Shore Beach ‘n Boat Fishing Tournament taking place in Wildwood and the surrounding area.  This statewide fishing derby brings out anglers of all skill levels to compete for cash prizes.  Prizes are awarded for the largest catches and all proceeds go to the Fisheries Conservation Trust.  For more information and how to participate call 609-423-4002. 

Welcome to the Biscayne Family Resort in beautiful Wildwood New Jersey.  Our hotel is your best choice for family friendly and comfortable accommodations in Wildwood.  Book your stay with us today!

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Monkey See, Monkey Do: Why you Should Visit the Cape May County Zoo

Friday, July 25, 2014
Sometimes the best things in life are free. Besides oxygen, friendship and the unconditional love of your family, you can count on the Cape May County Zoo to fall in line with this popular commonplace dictum.

With over 550 critters representing over 250 species, the Cape May County Zoo offers free admission to their zoo for everyone. The zoo is supported by the non-profit organization Cape May County Zoological Society. This society continuously strives to maintain the zoo for conservation purposes and for the enjoyment of the community. To help keep the zoo alive they are always accepting donations and encourage you to become a “ZooFriend.”

From animals like the Bennett’s Wallaby to the Iberian Ribbed Newt, visitors can be sure to find a favourite in the vast array of flora and fauna. Just last September a baby female giraffe was born to a dam and sire and now roams the grounds of the zoo in her herd. The birth of this calf is the first in over a decade at the Cape May County Zoo.

The Zoo also offers a series of events to the public including their popular Night Walks where visitors can enter the zoo after hours for an additional fee and observe the animals after dark. Also coming up is their Scales and Slime day on August 5th where guests can check out the many amphibians and reptiles as well as make some gooey slime.

The Cape May County Zoo is a family affair, and they encourage anyone to come out and see the splendid wildlife. Putting conservation above all else, their skilled staff and zookeepers give the utmost care to their creatures and hope the community can benefit from their efforts.

Just a 20 minute car ride away The Biscayne Family Resort is the ideal place to visit Wildwood Crest New Jersey and plan a trip to the renowned Cape May County Zoo. With our ocean front location and charming accommodations we promise a relaxing vacation stay. Contact us now for the best rates guaranteed. 

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4 Best Tourist Attractions in Wildwood

Friday, April 25, 2014

Are you travelling to the east coast for the summer? If so, make sure to bring the family and visit New Jersey’s famous Wildwood County! 


1) White Sand Beaches and Boardwalk

White Sand Beaches

Step in to Wildwood’s very own white sandy beaches and join in the fun under the sun! Wildwood’s spacious beaches stretch for 5 miles and are packed with endless beach activities such as boogie boarding, surfing, jet skiing, power boating, jet skiing, sailing, kayaking and whale watching.


Just overlooking the stunning beaches is the award-winning 2 mile Boardwalk filled with unique shops, water parks, one of a kind restaurants, live entertainment, and many more!  Take a stroll by or hop on the tram car to the world renowned Wildwood Boardwalk and explore what the wooden way has to offer!

2) Spring Boardwalk Classic Car Show

Calling all car fanatics from all over the world! From Friday, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th from 8:30 am to 3 pm on the Wildwood Spring Boardwalk Car Show will be showcasing car models from 2003 and older on the renowned Wildwoods Boardwalk. The ‘Boardwalk Top 40’ will be exhibited on Saturday at 5pm and at sundown, stay a bit longer for the drive-in movie at Fox Park (weather permitting). On Sunday, don’t forget to join the awards ceremony 9 a.m. inside the Wildwoods Convention Center for trophies and cash prizes!

Do you own a car that you would like for everyone to see at the show? Registration now at the Imperial 500.

3) George F Boyer Historical Museum

Get the chance to look back in time at Wildwood’s George F. Boyer Historical Museum! For 50 years, the museum has preserved precious, antique items that withstood the test of time and is now being displayed for spectators to enjoy. Take a peek at the enriching collection of photographs and artifacts dating all the way back from the late 1800’s to the 50’s and 60’s! Visit today to learn about Wildwood’s distinctive history and don’t forget to check out the gift shop on your way out for your very own Wildwood memorabilia to take home!

4) Wildwood’s Water Parks

Splash Zone Water Park

Visit Wildwood’s Splash Zone Water Park for excitement and family fun! The water park offers a selection of thrilling slides! If you are not the daredevil type, no problem! Splash Zone offers the Rivy River that runs through the park for a gentle, smooth sailing.

Morey’s Piers’ Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club

Choose to explore the newest six-lane water slide, Wipeout and the exhilarating Cliff Dive slide or sit back and relax at a private family cabana! In addition, Bonsai Beach is complete with water jets, climbing ropes and slides for kids to enjoy!

Morey’s Piers’ Raging Waters Waterpark

Enter in the shipwreck-inspired water park and explore attractions with the family such as River Adventure, Shotgun Falls, and Raging Waters’ two kiddie play areas Shipwreck Shoals, and Camp Kidastrophe!

The Biscayne Family Resort in Wildwood, NJ is delighted to provide family-friendly service to accommodate families who are visiting Wildwood! We offer two to three bedroom suites that can house up to 8 guests, wide kitchens and living facilities in each room to make you feel right at home. Our friendly staff is more than happy to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate book your stay with us today! 

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Take a Walking Tour Through the Wildwood Shore Resort Historic District

Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Wildwood Crest New Jersey has one of the largest concentrations of mid-century Doo-Wop architecture in the country. This unique style emerged in the 50s and 60s and influenced the design not only of buildings but of cars and consumer goods. It is characterized primarily by eye-catching “space-age” design elements inspired by the shapes of atoms, flying saucers, and jet planes.

In the case of the more than 100 motels and resorts that make up the Wildwood Shore Resort Historic District, the Doo-Wop style is accented by neon signs, plastic palm trees and bright colors. One example is our very own Biscayne Family Resort, constructed in 1968!
The Biscayne Family Resort, constructed in a Doo-Wop inspired style

The Doo-Wop style, sometimes referred to in architectural circles as the “Googie” style, is very much a product of 50s and 60s pop culture. These were exciting times, when a range of new technology was bursting on to the scene. Television, rock and roll and space travel were all exciting and novel concepts. This was also a period of unprecedented economic prosperity for the United States, and automobile culture was thriving.

With more people having the time and means to take vacations, Wildwood Crest grew to meet the demand. Enterprising hoteliers rapidly constructed motels to accommodate the automobile traveler and to appeal to the hip new aspects of pop culture. Thus, what we now know as the Doo-Wop motel district was born!

A motel pool displaying the characteristic plastic palm trees of the Doo-Wop style

Unfortunately, like many buildings and styles of the past, the Doo-Wop motels weren’t always seen as historically significant. As the 20th century drew to a close, many of the Wildwood Crest motels faced an uncertain future. However, following a renewed interest in the styles and architecture of the period, the Wildwood Crest motel district is now recognized and celebrated as one of the finest collections of the Doo-Wop style in the country.
Another local motel displaying typical features of the Doo-Wop style

For anyone visiting Wildwood Crest, we recommend you take the time to explore the Wildwood Shore Resort Historic district on a self-guided walking tour. Be sure to take lots of pictures. And when it comes to choosing a resort to spend your vacation at, look no further than the Biscayne Family Resort for comfortable and affordable Wildwood Crest accommodations.
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