The Fun Never Stops on America’s Most Famous Shoreline

  • January 28, 2015

People may think they know New Jersey; after all, much has been publicized through various media and entertainment portals on our lifestyles. But the truth is, New Jersey cannot be pigeon-holed, pegged, or even predicted. In fact, the only uniformity that can be found here is in that the residents are equally discordant in their lifestyles and interests! In Jersey, there is no event too small to celebrate, no manner too grandiose in which to do the celebrating, and no need to go looking for the party when it is always guaranteed to come to you. The fete awaits in Wildwood, so come join us at the diverting events:              

Boardwalk Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show, Jan. 28th-Feb.1st: So amorous is the bond between man and canine, how many of us dog lovers find ourselves whispering sweet nothings of our pooches being ‘the most perfect dog in the world’ into their floppy ears on an almost daily basis? Now comes the time to really put this to the test at the Kennel Club Dog Show, comprised of  Best of  Breed competitions, Obedience and Rally trials, puppy showdowns, Police K-9 unit demonstrations and more! This will be the culmination in canine competition; a display of fine breeding, pedigree, slobbery kisses and wagging tails. Contests being every morning at 8am, and tickets are $8 for adults and $2 for children under 12.

Wildwoods Casino Night, Feb.21st: Let luck be a lady tonight! Though if more of a capricious and relentless shrew she ends up being, burrow your woes deep in the delectable dishes of the buffet at the Bolero Hotel Resort & Conference Center, host of this year’s Wildwoods Casino Night! For a $25 admission price, attendees are given access to all playing tables, and $50 in chips that will hopefully evoke the chant ‘winner, winner, chicken dinner!’ by evenings end. Though if the opposite occurs and luck is not on your side, it is said that energy is never lost, only transferred…so think of what was contained in your now empty pockets as the energy flow to fill the minds of local students, as all proceeds earned will go toward educational scholarships.

At the Biscayne Resort on the Wildwood Crest, we know there is no shortage of things to do along our bustling shore. So we direct our focus on your comfort and rejuvenation, and we do so by ensuring with care that your every need is overseen. Book with us today and experience the blissful, replenishing effect of relaxation.


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